Move over Bonnie and Clyde, Mary and he hubby are in town …

Indiana church employee sentenced after stealing $574k for gambling, vacations: ‘Fueled by pure greed’

Mary Carson, 72, and her husband used the money for casinos and month-long trips to Florida for at least 13 years

Church trustee Mary Carson and her old man lived high on the holy hog for more then 13 years before an unfortunate leave of absence due to illness brought her crimes against the church crashing down on Mary’s greedy head.

The parish was identified as St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and School.

The theft came to light in November 2021 when Carson was on leave from her position, and her temporary replacement saw suspicious transfers from Parrish’s gaming account to an outside bank account, according to the DOJ.

State records show that Carson was the sole staff member responsible for processing checks received from parishioners and conducting financial transactions on behalf of the church and school for more than a decade. From 2008 to 2021, he illegally transferred at least $573,836.59

About St. Matthew – Patron Saint Article – Catholic Saint Medals › saints › st-matthew

Coincidently, $t. Matt, is the patron saint of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, security guards, and stockbrokers. He $ure fell down on this one.

Usually taking a little sliver of pie can go unnoticed forever, but when the glutton, or in this case the greedy thieves eats 9/10 of the pie it is sure to be noticed. Greed has been the downfall of many people.

Just for the record, the thief’s name is Mary, she certainly is was NOT full of grace.

$573,836.59 is a HELL of money to go missing. My question is, for how long can a crime like this go undetected with that vast amount of money being missing. It shows us this particular parish was not under a financial strain. I understand and they are going to up the prices of bingo cards to try to retrieve some of the money

At her sentencing trial, Mary asked the judge if she could be freed and weekends to go to Vegas and try to win the money back. 10 – 1 he declined her request.

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