Does it surprise you ?????

Ohio residents impacted by train derailment go berzerk when Peter Buttigieg doesn’t show

May I say who can blame the residents for displaying their anger? This is a typical politician move demonstrating when the time comes for them to make a showing or get involved in some sort of catastrophe; where are they but having lunch with their constituents to see if they could vote themselves a pay increase.


All this dude seems to care about is how he looks in front of the cameras

Peter Buttigieg who is the secretary of transportation has responsibility for overseeing situations like this. He did a Car-mella Harris on the state of Ohio and never showed up.

One thing that he seemed to have time for was to blame Donald Trump for the derailment. I will give that one a big AYSM!!!

Condition like this may take decades or centuries for the long-range effects to kick in. They can be circumvented by doing the right thing at the right time, NOW.

Instead of disposing of the debris at the crash site, it should be loaded up and hauled to a proper landfill, I understand that these rocket scientists are digging gigantic holes and burying the debris on the site. That is just a bandaid on a severe wound. That will only lead to the extremely toxic chemicals saturating the ground and eventually filtering into the underground streams and aquifers.

I will have to revert back to my opinion about sports figures and put politicians in the same category. They all should be paid by performance. Then and only then would you see any type of productivity or accountability.

Shame on all these bastards that are not doing their job and probably will cause the death of hundreds upon hundreds of people in that area.

So far all there has been from the government and the railroad is a lot of bullshit lip service. None of the responsible parties will go down there to assess the damage and make some recommendations. After all this is what these pricks get paid for

Let’s get the officials down there that say that water is drinkable. Fill a gallon bottle up for each one of them and have them drink it.

If the catastrophe happened in Timbuktu, our government would already have aid on the way. They are more concerned with scoring points and assisting other people/countries in the time of tragedy than taking care of their own

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