Universal income – AYSM ?????

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot has a ‘real battle on her hands’: Gianno Caldwell

They should rename this dingbat LIGHT HEAD!!

I have to think the voters have to be somewhat desperate to elect people like this nut case and people like Kamikaze Joe – desperate or insane or a little bit of both!!

Low-income people and families are receiving up to $1,000 per month from dozens of cities and counties under universal basic income (UBI) programs that are spreading across the country, thanks in part to the billions of dollars provided in the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

Is this the best solution that an imbecile would can come up with?? With the cities States and the country in such deplorable condition from stem to stern instead of organizing work groups to clean up this country, we have fucking idiots like the mayor of Chicago that wants to pay people $1000 a month to stay home and not work. Are you shitting me??

 I would rather pay them $2,000 a month and have them work for it than sit on their ass and do nothing.

And they wonder why this country is in the condition it’s in.

I guess I am at a loss for words; the exception being, hold on to your hat people, based on what we see today, the best is yet to come.

All they are doing with their idiotic proposals are, fatten up the beast. They cannot walk now, the fatter they get the less they’re going to want to work.

 I would rather pay them $2,000 a month and have them work for it than sit on their ass and do nothing

Take a look at all these crazy proposals that all come from democratic LED states. Take California for instance, the other imbecile governor that wants to pay the residents of that state reparation for their supposed historical participation in slavery. They always are reluctant to mention, in addition to the white slave owners, there were approximately 3,300 black slave owners. I wonder who pays their end.

Give a man a fish he eats for one day, give that same guy a fishing rod he’ll eat for life.

Pay a lazy son of a bitch to lay on his ass and not work, all we wind up with is a gigantic, mindless, worthless piece of blubber.

I can absolutely understand that there are certain disabled people in this country that are not able to work. My heart goes out to them, they are not the people I am referring to. The people under my ridicule  are the worthless parasites of the United States, and the imbeciles in government that create these conditions.

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