Win or lose, it doesn’t matter ….

Eagles fans flood the streets chanting ‘fuck the Chiefs’ after loss

It doesn’t matter if the Eagles would have won or they Eagles lost; we would still have the wacky element of people that call themselves sports fans demonstrating either way. They just cannot wait for an opportunity to unleash some of their animalistic tendencies.

I call many of them professional demonstrators. They show up at different venues specifically to demonstrate, many times not knowing what the issue really is.

When we have wack jobs socialists pigs like George Soros financing the animals to create chaos (not in this case) it’s pretty hard to keep them on the straight and narrow. They will do anything for a buck except work for it,

I am surprised the pole climbers did not get their balls stuck to the frozen iron pole, That would have been a real kick in the nuts.

Think these fools were drinking??

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