When all other avenues have failed do something instead of nothing ..

Supporters of a controversial climate solution say it could be key. Critics believe it is the path to catastrophe

CNN — 


When US startup Make Sunsets released two weather balloons into the skies above Mexico’s Baja California peninsula last year, it kicked up a fierce debate about one of the world’s most controversial climate solutions.

The plan was for the balloons, filled with helium and a small amount of sulfur dioxide, to float high into the stratosphere. There they would burst, dispersing their load of sun-reflecting sulfur dioxide particles and cool the Earth, just a tiny bit.

It doesn’t seem that any strategies we have tried could be put in place and be effective. That being said; would it be wise to follow the scientists’ recommendations and try something instead of nothing??

The entire planet is #cooking, going down the tubes at rapid pace and based on what we are doing and we are not doing, there is no way to put the brakes on this runaway train. So why not try something different that we have never tried before.

I would like to ask the critics of this methodology, what do they suggest/recommend if, for 30 years or longer, they’ve been trying to find a solution to global warming and have come up with a zero??

When all else fails we have to punt.

A guy I know wife had a brain tumor, the doctors said it was inoperable. They just stood by and watched her die. I said that even if there is only a 1/10th of 1% chance to save her, they should have tried something instead of nothing. We have to be proactive in our life if we ever want to be successful.

Even more, than being proactive, we have to analyze the situation to the full extent, make sure we’re doing the right thing and then proceed with caution.

I have to quote my DI from Parris Island when he said; “you goddamn maggots, don’t get caught standing there with your dick in your hand and doing nothing, make a move even if your last resort turns out wrong.

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