Gotta be something in the water …..

California baker who died in robbery wouldn’t have wanted killer locked up, family says

The California baker died Thursday from injuries sustained during a robbery

There’s gotta be something in the water they drink that makes so many people #brain-dead in that particular part of the country

Family and friends of an Oakland baker who was dragged to her death during a robbery say that she would not have wanted her killer to be prosecuted.

“I think Jen would affirm that of course that’s what people have been trained to believe is the answer, to lock people up,” Emily Harris, a close friend of Jen Angel, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But we know that if the people who cause her harm are sent to jail, all we’re doing is perpetuating more harm.”

Angel, the owner of Angel Cakes bakery, died on Thursday from injuries she sustained after being confronted by armed thieves who smashed her car window outside an Oakland Wells Fargo and fled with her belongings.

I feel absolutely #horrible for the family and moreover the victim. But I am not the type that turns the other cheek. These are the same #liberal-fools that voted for Kamikaze Joe and probably think that all of the destruction that he has caused this country is allowable.

We are sending the wrong message to criminals when they are not prosecuted, sentenced, or executed if necessary to set the standard for the rest of the maniacs out there.

How could anybody in their right mind not want some animal that drugs their daughter or friend around to death by your hair, not receiving an appropriate penalty? In my opinion, an eye for an eye would be suitable. If the son of a bitch is bald-headed, put a rope or chain around their neck and drag them to their death.

It’s really a shame that these people cannot understand; because of their ultra-liberal mentality and their unexplainable twisted stupidity, not exacting the appropriate justice on a criminal that is just committed a horrendous crime. This is sending the wrong message to the rest of the maniacs that are breaking the law it is OK and there are no consequences

Let me give you a clue folks; bleeding hearts never win.

This poor lady Jen Angle was dragged to her death by some devils.

Brought to you from the United States of insanity and only getting worse

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