Unacceptable and unconscionable – Permissive s ociety is raising kids to be animals …

New Jersey student ends her life after months of bullying, video of school hallway beating circulates online


Adriana Kuch ended her life just days after a video was circulated around her public New Jersey high school


I cannot even imagine how this beautiful young lady was tormented to the extent that she had to take her own life, all because of a bunch of animals constantly bullied her and beating her up. Sad to say this is what society has evolved to

Let me give everyone a clue, for the most part, as to why these situations exist and continue to grow. It all begins at home. the role models that kids have today, starting with their parents and other adults they are exposed to are pathetic. How can we expect kids to grow up to be decent citizens and an asset to the community when the people that they emulate are nothing but a bunch of degenerate pot smoking bums themselves.

Poor role models – drugs – promiscuity – lack of supervision – people they associate with – absence of justice for criminal activities they have been involved in, are all part of the overall equation for their out-of-control misbehavior.

No one can convince me that these so-called modern-day (progressive) activities with all of the above-mentioned liberties the kids today have without any consequences are not a major part of their criminal activities.

I can’t attest to the fact firsthand. I was born in the early 1940s where this type of behavior did not exist. We had some kind of fight going on every day but it was not a group of kids picking on a less fortunate person.

I will go so far as to say that my generation was a lot tougher and more capable in a self-defense situation. We fought our battles hand to hand, from time to time with a baseball bat, but it was very rare if ever that we saw anyone get shot or stabbed.

When I tell people I did not know one person that was on drugs when I was growing up or even up until the time I joined the Marine Corps, that is not an exaggeration.

I did not know anyone in the military that was on drugs whit the exception of some fool smoking a little pot now and then. It was just not part of our culture. The more liberal the more progressive and the more permissive society became, the worst the behavioral conditions escalated to.

The only way to circumvent or correct these problem is to go back to the old-school mentality, which I do not ever see happening. Parents and the authorities are too tied up in their own worldly calamities to pay attention to what their kids are doing and how to discipline them properly.

Parents must remember one thing, first hey should be parents, if they can cross that hurdle, next they can be friends. If they cannot get past the discipline element, friendship is not even a consideration.

All people are products of their environment, and the best thing and most beneficial thing any parents or authoritative figure cab do for the younger generation is to be a great role model.

If we had these elements in place, we would not see 15-year-old girls committing suicide because they were bullied. There were very few bullies if any when I grew up. If someone did get out of line, we took care of it a way we called neighborhood justice. Especially, beating up a little girl was unconscionable and should be rewarded with a severe beating for the coward perpetrators. First by their parents, then by the authorities with a reasonable amount of time spent in detention.

We only get out of life what we put into it; if we do not set good examples as parents or role models how can we expect the younger generation to mature into respectable adults??

Take a good look and a lot of these brawls that happen at school sporting events. Many of these altercations are initiated by out-of-control parents that have lost the concept of what a sporting event is supposed to be all about. Foos; it is supposed to be a game, not a Roman Colosseum exposition

We have to teach our kids; it may be more important to learn how to lose than to learn how to win. There are many ups and downs at different plateaus in life, we have to learn to adjust to.

If we eat steak all the time, we never learned what liver tastes like. Everyone has to have a little liver in their life to appreciate the steak, metaphorically.

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