I ask you, would you put it past him ??????

Is it possible that this information I received minutes ago is just a rumor or can it be factual?

One of my closest sources called me and told me that Kamikaze Joe deliberately sent up the balloon that was shot down hours ago to keep his ratings up during these very difficult political times he is experiencing. It may be a rumor it may not be a rumor. In this day and age of lies and deceptions, I do not discount anything our government may try to pull over our eyes. Food for thought.

Based on all the lies and deceptions that Kamikaze has been slinging around all his life, I would not discount anything. The man is an absolute habitual liar, whose entire world revolves around attention being called to him and being in the spotlight.

I would hope that the keepers of the keys are smart enough to know that all of these shenanigans Charlie Chan has been pulling are just part of the big test to see how the USA will react when the shit really hits the fan.

One of the many other departments the bigwigs are lacking in is We can see that by how long it took to shoot down the first balloon.

I wonder if they ever watched the old western movie and noticed the last guy to draw his Colt 45 was the first one killed. You can’t wait until some vagrant has been sleeping on your porch for a month until you throw his ass off.

Being slow on the draw can absolutely cost you your life. Preemptive is a keyword. That is one thing the USA has been lacking.

When THE BIG ONE comes around it is not gonna be just a matter of who’s bigger and who’s stronger, Remember that David did kick the shit out of Samson. Strategy, timing, and anticipation of positive action are all part of the winning equation.

Keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger. When you have the old boy in your sights don’t forget to shoot. Inhale slowly through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth, aim well, squeeze the trigger, do not pull it.

About The Goomba Gazette

COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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