You can #bullshit some of people some of the time, but you cannot bullshit all of the people all of the time

I wonder if they sell designer shades in prison. If and when justice ever comes to this lying bastard, and hopefully it does, it is going to be the rudest awakening of his life when he has to trade in those civies For the blue-striped prison uniform. And I hope daddy goes down with him.

Don’t forget what my prediction was. The FBI (I am sure there are some good ones left) and the professional interrogators absolutely know how to put the screws and the pressure on people that are sitting in the hot seat. When they get THE BRAT’s delicate little lass in that hot chair they are gonna put so much pressure on him he is gonna throw HIS GUY under the bus. I would like to see what the odds are in Vegas or if they would even take the bet.

The true enjoyment in the finality of this ongoing saga will be, at some point in time, the people involved with these slime bags are going to have to tell the truth under oath after lying for so many years about their illegal activities. That in itself would be a great shot in the arm to the American people to see all of these worms crawling on their bellies.

Pass the salt, ketchup, mustard, and onions, these feathers are kind of rough going down.

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