I may buy Bill Gates excuse, #BUTT not KNEE PADS Kerry.


Let us try to compare with both men have done for climate, and we’ll see which one has a more valid reason for using the Super-suckers.

Bill is a #philanthropist and has given away billions of dollars toward bettering mankind. John Kerry is nothing but an obsequious #ass-kisser and should be riding a tricycle instead of a super-sucker.

Kerry showed his true colors when he was representing the USA and his boss TMC over in the Middle East negotiating.

John Kerry returns to Middle East with peace talks close to crisis

https://www.theguardian.com › world › mar › john-ker…

Mar 31, 2014 — The US secretary of state, John Kerry, was flying back to the Middle East for the second time in a week on Monday as the latest round of peace …

How John Kerry’s Failed Peace Negotiations Set Off the Spiral …

https://www.tabletmag.com › kerry-middle-east-violence

Jul 7, 2014 — John Kerry’s failed peace negotiations set off the spiral of violence between Israel and the Palestinians. by. Lee Smith. July 07, 2014.

TMC put the fear of God in that boy; told him he either comes back with the #bacon/a signed agreement or TMC was going to pull his passport.  That is when Kerry got the #old-kneepads out and start making his best pitch.

He was told by his boss, he didn’t give a shit what he had to promise, just get a signed document. All the while both fools knew, even if the camel jockeys signed a document it didn’t mean #shit. In the #truth/honesty/integrity departments, they absolutely notorous for batting 0. They were gonna break the agreement anyway once they got their hands on the dead presidents.

Consequently, TMC released 151 billion – billion – billion, with a B not an M that was frozen in bank accounts to our #adversaries, plus a palette loaded with $40 million in $100 bill strapped to it, that he did on his own without getting any permission

Now if that’s what you call #tough/successful/negotiating, even a fucking idiot can do better than that.

So you can tell me, how is a person like John Kerry supposed to be respected or taken by his word. He’s nothing but stuff suit that’s been in DC far too long who married a very rich woman.

No wonder Knee Pads is a whipping boy. He married into the Heinzs 57 family.

Beside the massive amounts of money he married into, he will never have to worry about running out of ketchup.

Heinz is estimated to be worth between $750 million and $1.2 billion. In 2017 Heinz and Kerry listed an ocean-front home on Nantucket for sale at $25 million.

She’s probably a very nice woman married to a dud like #Knee-Pads-Kerry.

OK let’s be realistic; if I had that type of lettuce do you think I’d be standing on a #crowded-subway with some #fucking-drunk-breathing in my face?? Hell no, but I would make sure that I spread my wealth around and took care of the needy. I have no idea how philanthropic the Heinz family is.

Can you tell, I just do not like the guy.

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