Freedom of speech my ASS ….

Education board member gets booted after defending Constitution, speaking out against socialism

Senate of Virginia votes not to confirm board of education member who championed ‘traditional American values’

This woman who championed “traditional American values” was booted from the Virginia Board of Education one week after sparring with another board member over whether public schools should present socialism as “incompatible with democracy.”

She should be celebrated instead of being chastised and persecuted for having the backbone that a lot of other Americans do not.

Many times, silence or not having the courage of being involved is a very big indicator of ignorance or cowardness

“I thought people celebrated diversity. Whether it’s diversity of thought, diversity of viewpoint or diversity of any of the many characteristics?” Suparna Dutta, who immigrated to the United States from India, told Fox News ahead of the vote. “I’m flummoxed.”

What the hell ever happened to freedom of speech?? It is OK with those far-left-liberl maniacs on the opposite side of the fence to force us to listen to all of their ridiculous ideological stupidity. When it comes time for the right to make a point they cut them off cold and hang them out to dry.

The time is long past for the #Silent-Majority on the right to wake their #lazy-ass up from the long nap they have been keeping and start #defending their #constitutional rights. As far as I can see, it looks to me like most of them are a bunch of #masochist-fools who enjoy/love being #beaten with a #whip for their lack of fighting back and deafening silence.

Ironically; the lady who spares headed this rebuttal in Virginia happens to be from India. She can attest firsthand to the benefits and freedom of living in the USA.

People that come from different cultures where freedom is not a high priority have a first-hand account of how great the freedom in the United States has afforded them. Why do we think that millions of people are storming the gates in order to gain residency in the USA.

With all of the domestic and foreign problems this country has, if all parties do not join together and start bringing some #unity and #strength to this country it is going to go down like a #rotten-old-pine-tree.

Where there is unity there is strength where there is division there is weakness. I don’t know if anybody coined that phrase yet copy if not I would like to put my claim to it.

I cannot understand using good old common sense if these dissidents in this country based on the direction it’s going can legitimately assume that if their ideologies and way of life continues to go down the same disastrous path it has been; where do they think this country will be stronger??

COMMON SENSE – Without a change and the elimination of all the radicals, regardless of how good Kamikaze Joe and his crew tried to make it look, continuing down the same path the United States is doomed.

Current conditions under the Biden administration, there are possibly 2 pluses and 98 minus this guy’s strategy, or method of governing.

KJ can try to spread his bullshit as thick as he wants, but the numbers and circumstances do not lie.

I would be very anxious to see how he would do without a script.

Don’t forget Komikaze has been spreading his bullshit for 58 years in politics. He is an absolute professional.

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