WHY ??????

Aramark apologizes for the insensitivity of the school lunch served on the first day of Black History Month

CNN — 

middle school in New York and its food vendor, Aramark, apologized after students were served chicken and waffles, along with watermelon on the first day of Black History Month.

Isn’t chicken, waffles, and watermelon better than nothing at all??

Folks; if you would quit drawing attention to every minute thing, you have to get that giant chip off of your shoulder always looking under the rock for something to bitch about, sooner or later these sensitivities will be forgotten.

I have heard many of my black friends commenting on how they like chicken waffles and watermelon, so what the hell is the problem?? Be willing to laugh at yourself sometime, It’s very therapeutic.

It would be the same, IFFFFF, they had Italian month and they should for all of our contributions to society, I would get pissed off if they served pasta fagoli.

Lighten up people there are too many severe problems in this world to deal with instead of looking for more. You are your own worst enemies.

Smettila di parlare così tanto

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