I hope Billy Boy knows how to use chopsticks …

Bill Maher rips Chinese spy balloon uproar: ‘Who gives a shit?’


Maher also reacts to Trump’s recent attacks on him during his opening monologue

For a while Billy Boy was making a little sense, he sounded like a rational human being. Now it looks like he is resorting back to the fool he used to be.

If Billy Boy or anyone else in this country takes that spy balloon with a grain of sand (underestimating Charlie Chan), they are about as stupid as Hunter “the fucking druggie”Biden forgetting his computer in a pawn shop. Now there is a #real-fuckin-idiot.

At first, he said no, then he said yes, then he said no then he said yes it was his computer. I hope you know who is gonna benefit from this fiasco more than anyone else!! Naturally the #sleazeball #Ambulance-Chasers. The more they tell Billy Boy to deny, the more bullshit they can conjure up, the longer they drag their feet, the more debt presidents they’re going to make.

These scrum bags wouldn’t care if this thing dragged out for 15 or 20 years. The Brat and his old man are going to have to find somebody else other than the Chinese to shade down so they will have enough to pay the attorney fees.

Or maybe they are banking the profits from this book to pay their expenses. Did they ever #fuck-up when they wrote this.

I won’t go so far as to see they wrote it, I don’t think they’re that smart. someone else wrote it and they put their kisser on the cover

I bet these two clowns would hope that somehow this book would disappear.

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