Move over #Pinocchio, the #Biden #clan is in town …

Hunter Biden’s lawyers demand criminal probe into laptop leakers, Giuliani and others, admit laptop is his

Hunter Biden is facing his own investigations from House Republicans

After months and months and months and months of #deliberately #lying, the Biden Brat finally came clean when he was cornered like a #rat and had nowhere to run. He finally had to admit that the #phantom #computer was his with all the #incriminating information that would put the normal citizen in #Sing-Sing for 150 years. Being the Brat is connected so well, no one really has any idea how and even if the #guillotine of justice will ever fall.


This is one bullshit yarn they can’t ever lie their way out of. Isn’t Kamakazi just as guilty as his kid??

I would love to see them both sworn in under oath and sling the same shit they have been slinging for years. Lying under oath is a serious criminal offense. This is too serious of a matter to let the two Clowns walk free.

If bullshit was electricity, the Biden family could supply power to the entire earth for centuries.

I still have a strong feeling the BRAT is going to throw HIS GUY under the bus.

These Boys would love to get The Brats’ tender ass in the same cell block.

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  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    What my father taught me is right! The rotten apples always fall near the tree. (Arlin Report comment)

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