It is disgraceful on all sides …..

CNN — 

The FBI is conducting a search of President Joe Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday as a special counsel investigation into his handling of classified material begins in earnest.

Can we will imagine what could have been accomplished with all time and money that has been spent by the Democrats and Republicans way before becoming president Donald Trump.

Whether they want to admit it or not, this is where all the discourse in this country started once Trump announced his running for the presidency. They did not want a non-politician or a businessman running this country. When he did get elected, that put the icing on their cake. They really turned the heat up, and haven’t turned off the burner since then.

I can say one thing without reservations; the country would not be in all of the predicaments it is now in if Trump was still at the helm.

Since then there have to be billions of dollars spent and incalculable man-hours put into each side trying to dethrone one another or stick an ice pick in their back.

Where has all of this unnecessary turmoil inflicted on the United States put the USA, except in a deeper hole, without which there could have been some dramatic, much-needed changes made to our failing country?

Ever since this enormous fiasco began between the two parties, they have been behaving like 5-year-old kids in an unrelenting pissing contest of he said, you said and pointing the finger at one another. Just like a possessed cat running on a slippery surface 100 miles an hour and going nowhere.

Billions of dollars wasted, and hundreds of thousands of man-hours thrown into the wind that could have been used in a more productive manner. Here we are six years later and the country is absolutely worse condition than it has ever been.

The duty of a politician is to work for the betterment of the total society, not to disregard the needs of the people for their own personal/party agendas. They work in the opposite direction.

How well could any corporate organization function properly and be successful if 95% of the people they employed were working against the company?? There is no doubt in my mind if they wanted to be successful and stay in business the company would fire them all and start over from scratch. HELLOOOOO.

You should all be ashamed of yourself

I don’t put the entire blame on the demo/socialists, BUTT I will say that they started this fiasco. Meanwhile; because of their recklessness, they have put the country into a weakened state financially and militarily, and are only opening the door for our adversaries to walk in and clean house.

Do not bullshit yourself, they are licking their chops just waiting to make their move.

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