Houdini and donated funds have a strange way of disappearing …..

Pastor Brooks scores $8 million private donation to combat Chicago crime, encourage economic opportunity

Project H.O.O.D. has raised $28.5 million for a community center intended to transform Chicago’s South Side

If this situation runs true to form, ask me in six months what their bottom line is.

There have been so many organizations that supposedly had good intentions of creating some reform on both sides of the aisle using donated funds, BUTT like Harry Houdini had a strange way of vanishing.

It seems to me that the black community does it better than the white community, although it is not unique to the black hustlers.

Up until this point I have never heard of Reverand on Brooks, hopefully, he’s not a thief like some of the rest of the con men opportunists.

These are just what we know about

Black Lives Matter activists accuse executive of stealing $10 …

https://www.nbcnews.com › news › nbcblk › black-live…

Sep 7, 2022 — Black Lives Matter Grassroots is suing an executive of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (GNF) for allegedly stealing $10 million …

Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10 million from …

https://www.latimes.com › california › story › black-lives-…

Sep 2, 2022 — The leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been accused by former colleagues of stealing more than $10 million in …

Black Lives Matter executive accused of ‘syphoning’ $10M …

https://www.cnn.com › 2022/09/04 › black-lives-matter-e…

Sep 5, 2022 — “Mr. Bowers continues to fraudulently raise money from unsuspecting donors passing himself off as the organization that is doing the work of BLM …

Organizers allege in a lawsuit that Shalomyah Bowers put the organization’s finances in his “personal piggy bank.” He is just one of the many crooks involved in BLM that steal from the organization and uses that for his own personal pleasures.

Why hasn’t he been brought upon charges?? Naturally, he is black and is connected with a very sensitive organization that no one wants to go up against for fear of being called a racist.

It’s really a shame that such good intended organizations are created to assist people to get them out of a rut, but as soon as those dead presidents start waking up the thieving rats come out of the woodwork.

Let us be optimistic and hope this is not the case. Good luck to reverend Brooks and hope he is not one of the snakes in the grass with sticky fingers. I know snakes do not have hands but these do!!

I think it’s about time that the hustlers in the black community start looking out for their people instead of misappropriating funds. The time was long overdue.

You gotta give Sharpless credit, he doesn’t miss a beat

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