Double dribbler, want it both ways

Biden-supporter Stephen Curry moves to block ‘low-income housing’ near his $30 million mansion: report

Curry and his wife also asked the local government to build ‘fencing’ to block low-income residents from seeing their home

I have to wonder, if this totally ridiculous bill ever passes where our ignorant government is going to pay reparation? Will the money hungry, playing it both ways, multi-millionaires like Curry accept the SHAKEDOWN money??

Since he is playing the housing situation with a double deck of cards and the few hidden aces, we never know what hypocrites like him will pull next.

We could put TMC, Curry, and the rest of the pretenders in the same category. They dislike white people, and only used black people for all they can squeeze out of them, yet they do not want to live next door to them.

Why not build his mega crib somewhere else?? I am sure he can afford it. Is it that he does not want to forget where he came from, or did he get a bargain on the property??

Who me live next door to Oscar Brown?? Never happened!!

I think Curry is upstaging the ex-president. TMC’s crib only cost 17 million and Curry’s new shack will cost about 30 million, plus or minus a few zeros.

It has always been my opinion to practice what you preach. Let’s face it folks these opportunists do what’s best for themselves and do not consider their fellow man.

I wonder if the property value went down when the Obama family moved in?? This just happens to be in the same place where they shipped the illegals that were sent from the border, Martha’s Vineyard. Same town, the same place just a different color, As long as it is not in my backyard.

To put the icing on the cake, Mrs. Curry is asking the city to put up a fence between their property and the ghetto, so they do not have to see or smell their new neighbors cooking ham hocks, catfish, and barbecued ribs on the barbi. I guess they only eat filet mignons and lobster tails.

Maybe a nice lady, Buttttt???

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