Anything lower the Z

Americans grade Kamala Harris’ performance as border czar

How well has the vice president managed the border crisis? Americans weigh in

The only person that may give her a score higher than a Z, is her pathetic boss. But then again it appears to me she does not have a boss and reports to no one.

She told kamikaze on more than one occasion to kiss her ass. She would do things at her leisure and when it .id not interfere with her shopping sprees. You guessed it right, KJ did not have the backbone to come down hard on her, after all, who does he think he is, The president of the United States??

AUSTIN, Texas – People in the Lone Star state graded Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance as border czar, with those who spoke to Fox News evenly split. 

“Typically, the grading system goes A through F,” Beverly, of North Dakota, told Fox News. “I give her a Z.”

To me, that is an extremely generous score. The TOKEN V P needs to have a new alphabet designed especially for her grading performances.

I would like to add, she not only deserves a lower grade on the border situation but on her entire stint as the vice president. She is a complete failure. I guess she figured that shit-eating grin of hers would get her over as Vice President. In my opinion, I think that she still has a lot of people bullshitted, but fortunately not everyone.

Talk about an absolute Fugazi, she deserves the #1 prize.

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