The solution to racism ….

Canadian theater sparks backlash with plan to host play with Black-only audiences: ‘Cultural apartheid’

Staff will reportedly be made available to speak with any attendee who ‘self-identifies as a non-Black person’

Speaking of racism, I wonder what kind of backlash there would be if the white community put on a white-only performance not allowing the black community to attend?????

But then on the other hand, if that is the way black people want autonomy, they should not be able to pick and choose. This can be the absolute way of eliminating Society of racism, to entirely separate the races.

This might be the best solution I have come up with so far that will benefit everybody in the human race. But probably not because, there are always people that have a loaf of bread under each arm and still bitching. It is a little hypothetical, farfetched and probably never can happen, but it is a great idea.

I know a big attempt was made in the city of East Cleveland to be run totally by the black community, they pushed for it for years, and this is what the eventual outcome was.

How to fix a broken city? Political, financial restraints make … › news › 2021/10 › how-to-fi…

Oct 3, 2021 — Also in 2016, East Cleveland considered filing for bankruptcy. The state must grant a city’s request to seek relief based on a detailed plan …

Folks; this is not a world of you being able to pick and choose, this is a world of people working in harmony toward a goal that would be acceptable to everyone. Always throwing gasoline on the fire is not the solution. If we want anything to be successful, we all have to work together.

I don’t care who you are, if day after day someone keeps browbeating you telling you how much you’re hated what other result would you expect??

Some people are not satisfied with just their slice of the pie, they are gluttons and want the whole thing.

Do the majority of black people really want an end to racism??


More than a year after the murder of George Floyd and the national protests, debate and political promises that ensued, 65% of Black Americans say the increased national attention on racial inequality has not led to changes that improved their lives.1 And 44% say equality for Black people in the United States is not likely to be achieved, according to newly released findings from an October 2021 survey of Black Americans by Pew Research Center.

With an attitude like that, can we realistically expect the races to come together?? I have said this for years, there are too many people making too much money and want to keep the racial fires burning to keep their bank accounts full. If we ever saw an end to racism these thieving, parasitical bums would have to get out there and get a real job.

Let’s face fix folks, it is impossible on both sides of the fence to get along with a metaphorical beast when you keep poking a stick in its eye.

I will repeat this again; sad to say, it is a good thing that the cops that killed that young man were all black. If they were white, there would be a lot of Firemen working overtime.

REPEAT; we do not have to like one another, we do not have to love one another, all we have to do is respect one another and treat people the way we would want to be treated.

End of story

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