Put her on a short leash …..

29-year-old woman faces charges for posing as teen at New Jersey high school, police say

By Kiely Westhoff and Zoe Sottile, CNN

Published 4:10 AM EST, Sat January 28, 2023

I know that the authorities dropped the ball in many conditions. Certain things that the mentally disturbed people do at times may look harmless, but somewhere down the line they can turn to something horrific.

Got to keep this wack-job on a short leash, she is a dangerous lady. I will guarantee you there are more troubling issues in this woman’s life than wanting to be a teenager. She has to have a lot of loose boards in her attic. Who the hell knows what motivated this nut case. Could be she was looking for a good place to plant a bomb.

Vigilance and pre-emptive actions many times turn out to be extremely beneficial in a crime prevention.

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