A pack of Savage beasts tearing their prey apart while it was helpless…..

‘Cloud of dishonor’: Memphis Police SCORPION unit disbanded after Tyre Nichols’ death

Christine Fernando


It is incredible to me that these fools (out-of-control cops) have not recognized the repercussions of their criminal behavior in the past and tried to avoid it. Their misbehavior is tearing the country apart, and is keeping the fires burning out of control until some serious changes are made.

I am the first one that supports the police department 100%, but when we have conditions such as this how can these actions be defended??

What is going on in their head at the time of an incident not have the ability to control themselves? It would be much different if the victim was involved in a murder or rape or some kind of capital crime, but this poor man was only pulled over for a traffic violation.

I have to wonder how many similar incidents with this vigilante group that was never documented. I will guarantee you one thing, this was not their first outing.

As we can see, these kinds of conditions is not solely perpetrated by white cops on black people. It should not be about race, it should be about doing right and reporting any wrongdoing. It is their obligation as policemen to uphold a law regardless of who the criminal is.

If you would take the time and go back on some of my older articles, you will see that I believe police policing police is the answer to this problem. Possibly not 100%, but surely 75%. We have a bunch of worthless politicians that are afraid to step on the toes of the cops. In my opinion, if the ruling was universal eventually everyone would see the wisdom of the police policing police. After all, a cop can commit a crime just like an ordinary citizen. With the knowledge of them being scrutinized by their fellow policeman, I think that would make a tremendous difference.

Politicians get off your dead ass and make a move in the right direction instead of worrying about votes and do what is beneficial for the entire country.

If you need a spokesman I am available. I sure as hell can do a lot better than you.

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