Only after the bridge collapses……

China could shut down our military in a minute if we don’t fix the looming rare earths supply crisis

If we examine most major weapons systems, they cannot function without using rare earth minerals. That’s why the current supply crisis is a five-alarm

This is just like everything else that the government has its irresponsible fingers in, they always wait till after the calamity to try to salvage or resolve the problem.

In 2010, China precipitated a low-intensity conflict with Japan and the West by stopping the export of rare earth elements. Alarm bells rang across the White House, the Pentagon, and corporate America.  When China relented after about a week, U.S. military planners knew our country had dodged a bullet.  They started asking: how likely is another rare earth squeeze play by China?

Am I correct, this was 13 years ago, and they still did not take the necessary steps to make sure that we are not shut out with our pants around our ankles.

Only available through China; many modern technologies, and most major weapons systems, require rare earth to function. Without them, we quickly lose the ability to manufacture electric vehicles, advanced wind turbines, energy-saving appliances, Abrams tanks, F-35s, smartphones – the list goes on and on.

Soooooo to date; what have our brainiacs done to circumvent the problem?? Nothing; there they are waiting for the proverbial bridges to collapse.

The fools that run our government have no concept of what the word priorities mean. they are like the idiot that’s cutting his grass while his house is burning.

I love this one

13 years, you heard it right, 13 years and this proverbial fool cutting (a high government official) is cutting his grass all the while the infrastructure in the country is falling apart. Everything that should be a top priority is stuffed into the corner and ignored.

Why should we correct all of our problems in this country, physical or otherwise, when we can give billions of dollars to foreign countries and get nothing in return?? The USA for many years has been literally feeding the world while many of their own people are starving.

This is the only thing that our government officials do best, pointing the finger of blame. That is one of the reasons they do not want to have only one political party. There would no body to blame but themselves.

It’s not too bad when a calamity occurs that was unforeseen; but when a catastrophe happens that has been festering for many years and has been ignored occurs, in my (what the fuck do I know) opinion depending on the severity of it, it should be a criminal offense and be punishable by law for dereliction of duty.

The second best thing they do:

These PP politicians’ parasitical have their game down pat. If there are never around, and they never respond to a question, they feel that they are not responsible. WAFJ.

How Many Days a Year Congress Works – ThoughtCo › … › The U. S. Government

Feb 3, 2020 — Number of Days Congress Works in Session a Year ; 2018: 174 in the House, 191 in the Senate. ; 2017: 192 in the House, 195 in the Senate. ; 2016: ..

And we wonder why this country is falling apart and nobody doing anything about it. They are never at work.

There is one thing that these supposedly intelligent people our country leaders do not understand. Sooner or later the Pied Piper will be coming around to collect what is owed him.

What does it mean by paying the piper?

(idiomatic) To pay a monetary or other debt or experience unfavorable consequences, especially when the payment or consequences are inevitable or a result of something one has enjoyed.

Have you ever seen a shoe that fit so well??

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