Now these are mentally deranged parasites…..

California lawmaker wants reparations proposal to be a nationwide ‘blueprint,’ beyond ‘financial compensation’

Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer said the California reparations proposal should be taken up by cities and states around the country

I tried to explain my position on reparation in very simple terms many times so even a fuckin imbecile can understand.


If one of these fools’ mothers was in jail for theft, does that make that person a thief?? If their father was in prison for rape, does that make that person a rapist?? If their brother was in jail for a murder, does that make them a killer??

If I am correct which I am, how does that make anyone responsible for what happened 250 years ago?? How about the 3,000-plus black slave owners that owned and sold hundreds of slaves, how are their families going to be penalized??

What we have here is not a matter of settling a score or getting justice; is a matter of a few people in this country that are looking for another freebie. Their families have been on some sort of social program for so many decades, they do not want to work.

Now; I really don’t care what your education level was and how fuckin stupid anyone is; no one should be held accountable for another person’s actions. You tell me, how much simple can it be explained. There cannot be a better example.

To all the gold-digging jagoffs out there who are proponents of this action, STFU, go get a job and quit complaining. You are nothing but a bunch of parasites trying to bleed the system (taxpayer’s money) more than you have already.

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  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    Most treaties with native Americans were broken by the government/white people. Native Americans pushed on to reservations to live, that was their reparation payment. Not really just how they were dealt with. So, African Americans want reparations, the slaves could have be tossed onto/into their own reservations……..and could still be there. That didn’t happen. They have more freedom than the native Americans were ever given. Geronimo’s tribe was jailed. (Reparations, is BS.)

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