What can be said about disasters like this ….

At least 10 dead in a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California

By Aditi SangalMatt Meyer and Maureen Chowdhury, CNN

What can be said about disasters like this except that it is a dirty rotten shame condition like this have to exist in this world.

That being said, some homicidal nutcake reading this is already sharpening his sword as I am pounding on this Remington Raider waiting for the right time to go into action.

The primary way of eliminating the situations like this or at least get them under control is vigilance and reporting the suspicions to the authorities. But if we have a society where the fools pulling the strings believe that we don’t need police for protection, who do the people report their suspicions to??

There had to be someone close to this fuckin maniac that suspected they were going off the deep end and should have reported it. But then again I say to who??

All of these progressive fools that support defunding or eliminating cops can see the fallout of their stupidity but still do not have the common sense to reverse their illogical trends of thought.

They are looking for a way of life and a new society. In the meantime, all the sensible people are suffering for their incomprehensible logic.

As I said before, I hope that they become victims of these crazy bastards and are on the receiving end. Possibly that would change their mind. But when we are dealing with mentally disturbed people it is extremely difficult to anticipate what crazy thing they will do next.

On a different subject but relevant because they are ignorant, how can any sane individual approve of the way Kamikaze Joe is running this country, or should I stay ruining it. If that is not a positive sign of insanity, I don’t know what is.

Presidential Approval Ratings — Joe Biden – Gallup News

https://news.gallup.com › poll › presidential-approval-rati…

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating averaged 41.3% during his fifth quarter, the second-lowest for an elected, post-World War II president.

These people have not gone grocery shopping, have not put gasoline in their car, have not seen all of the turmoil in the country, do not watch the news, have not gone out to a restaurant and found it close because they could not get help, have not noticed that the price of eggs has gone up 139%. with many other commodities following suit.

So I AXE this 41% of fools, what quality about this stumble-bum appeals to you??

In a nutshell; if you don’t know someone is screwing you and you have become a victim of their insanity, then there is nothing you can do about it, except do a reversal when you uncover their game.

On the other hand, if know that you are being shifted and you keep sticking your hand in the flame, it is your own stupidity that makes you your own worst enemy. I don’t think I could have said it much more clearer.

41% – hole shit

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