Doctor Kovorkian was a hero …..

An elderly Florida couple’s murder-suicide agreement ended with a shooting and hostage situation at a Daytona Beach hospital

Updated 6:00 PM EST, Sat January 21, 2023

Naturally they’re going to try to make Kevorkian look as bad as possible. Could you imagine the financial impact it would be on the medical community if all of the nursing homes and senior citizens facilities would shut down to tomrrow????

An elderly Florida couple’s murder-suicide agreement ended with a shooting and hostage situation at a Daytona Beach hospital

If this assisted suicide is on the up and up, and I specify IF, I give the lady a lot of credit for eliminating her husband’s suffering. For what purpose in a sickly/terminal condition, does any person want to carry on??

The medical community has more concern has more compassion for an animal when they euthanize them than they do human beings. Give the animal the shot, before you count to 10 their misery is over.

DOOR # 1: The old tradition in the Eskimo community I think it’s phenomenal. When all other options are exhausted, they put the sickly or elder persn on an iceberg and let them freeze to death. Very humane, very quick, very simple. Possibly 5 minutes of suffering.

DOOR # 2: Appo$ed to 25 year$ $trapped in a wheelchair and being drugged up daily not to bother the $taff, and naturally windup $tone broke.

If you have to ask why door # 2, I think you’re living in a cave too long. It is all about the $$$$$, don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

All people should be issued a final pill when they were born and it should be up to them when they want to take it,

What is the average cost of a nursing home in the US?

According to a 2021 Cost of Care Survey by Genworth, a private room in a nursing home costs $297 per day, or $9,034 per month. Semiprivate rooms are more affordable, with a median cost of $260 per day, or $7,908 per month.

There are about 1,246,079 residents in U.S. nursing homes. There are about 26,514 nursing homes in the U.S. 70% of people who reach the age of 65 will need long-term care at some point in life.

You do the math. Based on these rates a person can stay in a four-star hotel for a month and still have about $4,500 for food. A person can not eat that much.

I take that back

At first, living in a hotel may seem expensive. For example, on average you spend $150 a night on hotels (which in 2022 gets you a pretty nice room if you use deal apps like Hotel Tonight). That would be $4500 a month, which is super expensive for most people. not compared to housing and a nursing home.

Here is the best option I can find to puts the rest of the option scenarios to shame.

The cruise route: “All-inclusive living fees” come on top of the purchase price, starting at around $2,100 a person per month, covering things like food and drinks from the ship’s restaurants and bars, laundry, fitness classes and medical checkups.

Now you tell me, if you the choice which one would you take, providing you don’t get seasick. Give me the boat.

Back to euthanasia; I feel that everyone in this world, if they are with sound mind and body should be able to make the determination of how long they want to live.Unfortunately, where there is good there is always bad and really no way to control it. There most probably are 25 to 50% of assistant suicides not in accordance with what the sick person’s wishes are.

When judging a person we should always put ourself in their position to see how we would react. I’m relatively sure that no one wants to be a vegetable and just rot away.

I will put myself in her place and say, she did the right thing

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