Comes back to #bite #KJ in the #ass …..

There have been numerous situations where Kamikaze Joe has put #the-bad-mouth on Donald Trump for having classified information in his residence. Welllllll, it seems to me that #Kamikaze only talks when he shouldn’t.

Joe Biden’s Classified Documents Remarks Come Back to … › … › International Affairs

Jan 10, 2023 — President Joe Biden is being reminded of how he criticized Donald Trump as being #”irresponsible” for having top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago .

It should be, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

If Donald Trump’s actions are considered irresponsible by Kamikaze, what does that make him. I’m very anxious to see how he is gonna try to bullshit his way out of this one. Most probably like everything else he does, avoids answering the question.

Kamikaze probably has the most legitimate OUT than any president we’ve had recently. In the end all he asked to say is, I can’t remember I have dementia.

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