#Bimbo says #fugazi, no show / never happened …

Ghislaine Maxwell claims Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre photo is ‘fake,’ has ‘no memory’ of the pair meeting

How can you have a memory of anything when you have been stoned all the time??

Ghislaine Maxwell speaks on British royals, Giuffre case in first prison interview

Based on her credibility, why should anyone believe a word Maxwell has to say??

Observation #2, do we think if this photograph was fake, should we think that Prince Andrew had the finances to prove it?? He would have dished out as many pounds as he had to prove otherwise. I would think anyone proficient in the photography field would be able to prove or disprove the claim in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, looking at the photo closely, it appears to me the picture of Prince Charming and Virginia are legitimate BUTT the picture of Maxwell may have been superimposed onto the photograph. With the new technology out there, the old cliche a picture can tell 1000 words is not as foolproof or accurate as it used to be.

I think that Andrews’s prior interactions with ladies were part of what brought him down.

What do you thing Maxwell??

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