Jesus better, the devil is doing a piss poor job ,,,,

Biden’s tweet about his optimism for America prompts immediate backlash: ‘Jesus take the wheel’

Kamikaze Joe is way past the stage, he belongs in a private padded cell locked up 24 hours a day.

In his usual delusional state, he made the following statements.

Several people took to Twitter Friday evening to criticize President Biden after he tweeted that he had “never been more optimistic” about serving another two years in the White House.

“Two years in, and I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future,” Biden said on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration, which was on Jan. 20, 2021.

I will give this one a huge WOWWWWWWWW!! What is this mentally ill fool looking at?? It certainly isn’t what most Americans are being hammered with because of his poor decision-making and incompetence.

Four more years of this imbecile serving will be an absolute death sentence to the United States. Look what he has managed to fuck-up in the last two and a half years he’s been in office. Four more years would be an absolute disaster and put us into oblivion.

Even more pathetic than Kamikaze wanting to run in 2024, I cannot believe there are still fools supporting this imbecile. Speaking of imbeciles, his supporters put him to shame in the ignorance department. Without their support, he would be shit out of luck, possibly having to sell this Corvette to make ends meet.

Kamikaze was trying to put his luggage in the car. One of the Secret Service men had to tell him he had the hood open, not the truck.

We thought things were bad when we had The Manchurian Candidate in office. I only say this out of #desperation. If I had to choose, I would bring TMC back just to get rid of KJ.

Same mother – different fathers

“Two years in, and I’ve never been more #optimistic about America’s future,” Biden said on the two-year anniversary

Is this a guy #mentally #deranged or what.

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