I’m not #prejudice #honey as long as you can #scrub my floors ….

Octavia Spencer says she experienced ‘more #racism’ in LA than Alabama

Spencer claimed she experienced ‘glaringly obvious’ racism as soon as she got to L.A., while she never saw much while living in Alabama

I have had some personal dealings with some of the hypocrites in La La Land. They are the best of the best when it comes to being backstabbing and being deceitful.

They like to come off as very open-minded people (not all but many), but they sure put hammer to outsiders that are trying to rain on their parade. I would say that black people are very high on their #shit-list.

They are so #clannish and so #inner-woven that is almost #ridiculous. That is only until the time one of them runs into difficulty and they them an anchor instead of a life jacket.

What is your opinion, Alec??

Alec Baldwin to be charged with manslaughter in fatal ..

https://www.nbcnews.com › news › us-news › alec-bald…

22 hours ago — Oscar-nominated actor Alec Baldwin will be charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on .

Does anyone really believe that Baldwin shot Hutchins on purpose?? As much as the hot head is not a favorite of mine, I really don’t believe the shot was deliberate.

Trying to break into their tight-knit groups is next to impossible. When they tell you, I called you on Monday that means Thursday, maybe. When they tell you they’ll call you on Sunday, that means don’t hold your breath.

If by some miracle you are successful in breaking down the barrier and getting your foot in the door, once you’re useful has been exhausted they throw you under the bus like an outdated script that has never been read.

“Ma” actress Octavia Spencer claimed that Los Angeles, California struck her as much more racist than her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

During a recent podcast interview Spencer explained that though she had anticipated the city in the blue state to be a “free and liberal thinking place,” once she got there, she experienced “more racism” than she ever had in Alabama.

As far as their interaction with black people, many of them are patting the blacks on the back so they are not labeled #racist, but little does the black person know, they have an #ice-pick in their hand.

Will this racist nonsense ever cease to exist?? In my opinion, as long as the rabble-rousers keep throwing gasoline on the #hate-fire, (if the world lasts that long) it only will be through interracial connections, (making babies) that MAY put an end to this #hostility. BUTT, even more positive than that, mankind will always find something to fight/hate over and #bitch about.

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