These are some very sick and twisted people ….

Democratic kingmaker Clyburn ‘all-in’ for Biden 2024, issues warning against primary challengers

Clyburn says he does not believe Biden will face a substantial primary challenge and warned Democrats against trying

Poster boy for an absolute fool!!!! Probably still waiting for his reparation check to come in, and food stamps.

This is just how ignorant these Anti-Americans are, by publicly putting out a warning/threat for anyone that tries to challenge Kamikaze Joe in 2024. GMAFB.

Hypothetically, if one of the people who decide to run against Kamikaze has an ill fated accident befalls them and they die, the authorities know exactly where to look for the killers, the fools that made a threat.

Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, a kingmaker in Democratic Party politics, vigorously endorsed President Biden for re-election on Wednesday and warned members of his party against challenging the sitting president. 

“I’m all-in for President Biden,” Clyburn told CBS’ Robert Costa in an interview. “I think he’s demonstrated, in these two years … that he is deserving of re-election. And I do believe he will be re-elected irrespective of who the Republicans, they put up.” 

What fuckin rock has he under or what cave has he been hiding in for the last two years that he, with a straight face, claim K J is doing a good job?? GM another FB!!!

This bum Clayburn must be blind, deaf, as well as being stupid, and has not driven in the last two years, been in a restaurant in the last two years, or been grocery shopping in the last two years. The sons-a-bitch must be a hermit.

Who in their right mind, unless they are part of the clandestine, surreptitious, socialist TAKE-OVER plans for the future, would even consider backing Joel Biden pres in 2024 so he could continue fuckin up this country for four more years?? Four more years of this type of governing, the USA would be definitely underwater.

No one but an absolute certified imbecile who belongs behind closed doors in a padded cell. because of their potential danger to society, sees all of this disruption and dereliction of duty that Kamikaze Joel has been ramrodding since he’s been in office, and act like they do not exist. Do they think it is just a mirage??

I will have to put all of Joel supporters in the same category as he is, an irresponsible mutineer and anti-American. It is impossible that there can be one responsible person in this country (except Dr. Biden) that is mentally stable who can see the destruction and chaos, Kamakazi has created and give him their approval and support.

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