A liar and a bullshitter need a good memory ..

White House changes story on Biden’s Delaware house as docs scandal unfolds

A liar and a bullshitter have to have a good memory, so they can remember the last bullshit story they told. Kamikaze is in the batters’ box and batting 0. He can’t even remember his own name, who was wife is, or what city he is in. How much of that is deliberate??

I have to say without reservations, the news briefings they put on every day are nothing but pathetic. I don’t know how those second-rate broads (Buckwheat and her sidekick ) can say what they do with a straight face.

Come on BUCK how was it – you are not telling me everything.

I don’t know much of this malarkey is legitimate and how much is fabricated. This may be the prick’s game plan in the end so he can claim he is incompetent and does not remember anything. The incompetent I will buy.

I am wondering what the #fuck I can make up next that these fools will believe?? I have so many of them #bullshitted now, I cannot change ships in the middle of the stream.

You can break my balls all you want, but don’t you dare put a finger on my PIMP WAGON!!

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