I continue to ask, what is it gonna take ?????

Migrants exploiting border wall gaps contaminate crops, threaten nation’s food security, Arizona farmers say

CONTAMINATED CROPS:Farmers warn migrants pose threat to the nation’s food security

Democrat NYC Mayor Adams calls on #federal government to play more #proactive role to #secure border

NYC Mayor Eric Adams submitted an #emergency #mutual aid request to New York State for #immediate help on Friday to shelter the #asylum #seekers

His sour apples are getting rotten

From where I sit, there are a lot of people calling for certain things but no action being taken. Even the Dumb-O-crats are getting their crying towels out.

Biden’s competence questioned as classified documents scandal continues: ‘Incredibly careless’

Barack Obama said in 2020 that a Biden administration would not be ‘as exhausting’ as Trump’s

I will ask it again, what is it gonna take to get this mindless anti-American out of office?? There is no question in my mind that all of these destructive moves that Kamikaze Joe has been perpetrating are absolutely deliberate with the intent of destroying the country.

As of now the damage this madman has inflicted on this country may be irreversible. How much more severe harm can he and his puppeteers inflict, before they are stopped??

The way I see it as of now right, China, Russia, North Korea, and our other nemesis may not be our biggest concern. Kamikaze Joe, by swinging wide open the immigration gates along with so many other of his unexplainable detrimental actions, starving people, killing us from within and absolutely aiding and abetting the enemy.

As the old saying goes; who needs enemies when you have supposed friends like that??

The entire presidency of Kamikaze Joe has been mind-boggling and beyond comprehension that this BEAST can get away with what he is doing for so long.

So I ask for the third time this morning, what is it gonna take before bum his extricated??

There are people in this country that have received a worse reprimanding and penalty for jaywalking then Kamikaze Joe has for all of his criminal activities, metaphorical /unintentional homicide of hundreds or thousands of immigrants that have lost their lives trying to cross the boarded illegally, domestic #violence, allowing #criminals to enter this country without the proper #vetting, #inciting #riots, because of his actions, destruction of property – the list is endless.

Will Kamikaze and his people ever stand trial for their crimes against humanity?? A couple of days ago I would have said no. BUTT; now that we have a new speaker of the house Kevin Mccarthy who is willing to stick his neck out in order to seek justice for all of the crimes that the Biden family and their associates perpetrated, in the very near future, possibly justice may prevail. That is a very big MAYBE.

Based on the fact that this BEAST has executed all of these conditions willfully, supposedly with a sound and body (absolutely debatable), we can only come to one conclusion and one conclusion only , he has done what he has with #deliberate #intentions to destroy the country.

No doubt, Kamikaze will be going down as the worst president to plant his ignorant ass in the big chair.

The saddest part of these entire scenarios, how do we fix them?? I personally feel that the majority of them are beyond repair?? The entire country is going to feel the effects and the backlash of his ignorance and mismanagement for 1,000 years to come.

FAIR Analysis: 5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed our …

https://www.prnewswire.com › news-releases › fair-anal…

Oct 25, 2022 — Since President Biden took office, around 5.5 million illegal aliens have crossed our borders—a crisis of epic proportions. FAIR’s figure …

We can probably add another four to 5,000,000 since October.

Who is paying the tab for these people – where are these people being housed – who is feeding all these people??? The the long range implications are far beyond what anyone can visualize. The aftermath is going to affect each and every person in the United States eventually.

Are these conditions #absolute #insanity or what??

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