Can be #dangerous #territory…..

In an exclusive interview on “Sunday Mornings Futures,” newly-elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., detailed what Republicans will do about President Biden’s classified documents and other top priorities facing the party following his first week in the position.

McCarthy may want to consider hiring a #food-taster for himself and having his #mother-in-law start his car. This is some #dangerous-territory he is treading in. I would not be surprised if some guy with an umbrella will be following him.

There is no telling whether the opposing party would have the nerve enough to call #Vladimir to get the umbrella guy’s contact information. Never say never, desperate people do desperate things. never,

If McCarthy is successful in uncovering the #wrongdoings of #Kamikaze Joe, and exact more than just lip service, there can be a lot at stake putting a hurting on the #Democratic/Socialist Party.

It remains to be seen what the new Secretary of State has the balls to do. It is a giant task ahead of him fighting the rebellious other-side. Ask PDT.

As conditions stood just a few days ago, if Kamikaze Joe was shit-canned and Car-mella was shit canned, we would wind up with Nasty Nan as the president. Different day different perspective. Now if Kamikaze Joe is shit-canned and Car-mela is shit-canned, we will have McCarthy as the president. That is a much different acceptable picture.

Hold down to your sky-piece and your bonnets boys and girls. we may have a #world-wind coming.

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