When you #sleep with a #dog, you usually get #fleas ….

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only daughter wed Michael Jackson in 1994 and Nicolas Cage in 2002

For years I waited for Lisa Marie to come out with some dirt on that #freak of nature MJ, but she never did. Either she was extremely #loyal, #blind as a bat or #dumb as a rock.

By living with that walking glob of #synthetic polymer for so many years, she had to be #a-breast of what was going on in Never Never Land. How could she not ??

5 Truly Disturbing Facts About Michael Jackson | Crime History

https://www.investigationdiscovery.com › crimefeed

Mar 1, 2019 — 2. Police Arrested Michael Jackson In 1993 On Suspicion Of Child Sexual Abuse; The Singer Later Settled With His Accuser For $23 Million.

Now you tell me; sometime I have a hard time grasping a situation. Why would this freak be willing to pay multi millions of dollars if he had no culpability?? It just does not make sense.

What makes even less sense is all of the freaky idiots in this world that continued to support/idolize him after his secret life was revealed. What does it take to get on the blacklist in their fantasy-land? What is worse than abusing a kid??

Any parent or guardian that would accept a bribe to keep their mouth shut from exposing some degenerate pedophile that molested their kid, has to be worse than the scumbag perpetrator.

At the very least, the mentally deranged crooner deserved a severe beating with a ball bat for his crimes against kids.

Human nature is a very complex animal that usually has their priorities all mixed up. Just because some vermin is a celebrity it does not give them a pass to cross the line. At least that is the way I see it.

As we all know this pathetic world we live in, all revolves around $$$$. If the scumbag Jackson would have been brought down immediately when these when incidents occurred, it would have cost his backers and the industry billions of dollars that they were not willing to part with. That is why they put his criminal behavior in the closet and try to cover them up by denying it.

I say shame on the freak and everyone that supported him who kept their mouth shut because the almighty $$$$.

It’s sad to say I have to put Lisa Marie in that uncomplimentary category, I know she knew his animalistic tendencies did not change while she lived with him. I could never put together the matchup between them too right from the beginning.

One thing I know for sure, THE KING had to roll over in his grave dozens of times knowing that his daughter married the freak. Elvis was a very moralistic person.

To this very day, there still are millions of people around the world that adore this anomaly to the hilt.

Do I recognize the bum’s talent?? Absolutely, but I cannot get past his perverted lifestyle to make me a fan. Has anybody ever heard of morality and decency??

I really don’t care how talented he was, how much glitter he wore, he was nothing but a mentally disturbed pedophile.

One of most ridiculous quotes he used so frequently that slayed the shit out of me; I just love sleeping with children.

Why I sleep with little boys, by Michael Jackson – Daily Mail

https://www.dailymail.co.uk › tvshowbiz › article-158342

Feb 4, 2003 — Michael Jackson has admitted sharing his bed with children, saying he sees nothing wrong with a 44-year-old man having such relationships.

One more stupid question before I put the stamp on this post. How ignorant did Jackson think the general public is that bought into his denial bullshit ?? I would say VERY.

There still has to be millions of idiots who still buy into Jackson’s deceit and lies. To them I ask, what if it was your kid??

I hate to hear some of their answers.

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