M M – A multi-sided Fugazi …..

It’s a shame to say; when I look into Harry’s eyes all I see is hatred. For someone that has had the privileged life as he had, he should have a shit-eating-grin, ear to ear, on his face like the smiling Chessy cat

COMMENTARY: If you are the CEO of Penguin Random House and the one that signed the ex-royal known as Prince Harry you, yes, even you, must be wondering what exactly you got for all those bucks. And the shareholders, looking at declining profits in a difficult market, may be looking at this laughable book as a ghastly mistake. 

Pity the staff at the publisher who must be wondering where the ax will fall now that it’s failed to hit the mark and recoup any initial costs from the multimillion-dollar dish out.

Harry and his brushing bride are trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip, bleeding the system for all they can get out of it.

The reason I got so involved in their dilemma in the 1st place, is because I can’t believe how ungrateful, disrespectful and dysfunctional these two people are. They both had the world by the ass, all they had to do to maintain their dignity and position in the royal family is to wave and smile once in a while.

It is my opinion that M M is a control freak who has had her way most of her life, right wrong or indifferent. She was not going to bend to the royal system or assimilate. She was going to do it her way BUTT much to her surprise she, was going to be shit canned down the highway.

Any person does not have to be a graduate of CaseWestern Reserve to recognize the fact that before this Bimbo got her Bob Hope nose into royal Business business, everything was pretty quiet on the English front, except for Andrew and his sick perverted shenanigans.

Possibly Bob’s old man was a sailor??

Then came Meghan Markle who latched on to a horney little redheaded prince. She was going to revolutionize the way the British Royal traditions have worked for hundreds of years.

The only thing this undynamic (FUGAZI) duo has accomplished since her time in the batter’s box is to disrupt the entire British family to satisfy her own personal ego and selfishness.

What do some waning celebs do to keep themselves relevant when things are going down the tubes?? Naturally, they write a book to keep the British pounds coming in. Or like the other two fools on this side of the pond, the American $$$$.

Every time I look at this picture, I have to make sure I am close to the OUT HOUSE.

There is some conversation out there that the CEO of Penguin Random House may have some serious reservations/ regrets about signing a million-dollar contract with these two status-seeking cripples.

So goes show biz and how the 1% roll. Around and around it goes where it will stop nobody knows.

I know one thing for sure; they may not come out and admit it, but they are sure sorry they bit the handed feeds them. Payback can be a BITCH.


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  1. Harry’s giving redheads a bad name.

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