I will take the 5th or drink a fifth …….

President Biden ignores question on why classified documents were found at his think tank

Records from Biden’s time as vice president were discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement on Nov. 2

Just like any typical politician when asked an incriminating question, K J does one of three things. Ignores the question, takes the 5th, or as he has profected, acts like he didn’t hear a question. After all, how can we hold anyone accountable that has Alzheimer’s, dementiaa, is deaf, mentally-retarded, and an imbecile ??

That leads me to wonder when the investigation on Biden and his stolen documents will hit the court’s dockets?? Most probably at the same time, his brat kid is brought up on charges for his improprieties.

It is impossible for The Dynamic Duo to have put out a better admission of guilt and wrongdoing. They are so ego-driven they wrote a book about how closely they were cloned. The title of the book should have been; How my daddy taught me to cheat, lie, fornicate and steal from an early age.

I don’t know the way other people see it; but from where I am sitting Kamikaze Joe has been a failure his entire life, including his unorthodox troublesome manner of parenting. He couldn’t even get that one right.

By what mysterious power, he has been able to dodge the bullet and whether the storm for over 57 years in politics. He sure must have a hell of a diary and some of his constituents.

I don’t know what the attraction is; but even his ex boss TMC publicly stated, if there’s a way to fuck something up Biden would find it. What a hell of an endorsement.

Barack Obama reportedly said: ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up’

August 16th, 3:23 PM EDT


There’s been an old saying going around for years; When someone fucks up enough they usually get promoted. Kamikaze did one hell of a job, he got himself boosted all the way to the top seat.

I guess it is safe to assume that the opinion of Kamikaze it’s pretty much universal. The only thing I can figure is, he must have caught quite a number of his politician flunkies in some very compromising positions.

Why do you think J Edgar Hoover lasted as long as he did as a head of the FBI?? He had a book on all the president’s that he served under. Kamikaze must have took that back-stabbing technique out of Edgar’s playbook.

J. Edgar Hoover retained his post as FBI’s chief until his death at age 77, by which time he had been the chief for 48 years and had served 8 presidents and 18 attorneys general. He had a black book on all of them. He was especially hated by the Kennedys for all the dirt he had on them. He did never let them forget it.

It is amazing that it was kept such a secret for decades that Hoover was a homosexual and had a live in boyfriend. Very taboo in those days.

So goes the corrupt world of politics as it continues to spin out of control. Where the birds on the top branch get all the benefits and all the peon birds on the bottom branch continue to get shit on.

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