What kind of cheap weed is this fool smoking

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, came under fire for a Friday tweet heralding the Golden State as the “true freedom state,” with some Twitter users not only lambasting him for his claim, but also for his lackluster leadership.

“California is the true freedom state. Protecting liberty from a rising tide of oppression taking root in statehouses. Weakness, masquerading as strength. Small men in big offices. Freedom is who we are – anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything here,” Newsom wrote, quoting a corresponding video of himself speaking during his second term inauguration.

Talk about denial, this guy is the king of the mountain. He must have gotten some of that Leftover weed from Woodstock in the 1960s and is sucking on it.

110% certified mental case

Now do these numbers and statistics look like a prosperous state??

California: state and local government debt 2027 – Statista

https://www.statista.com › … › Politics & Government

Sep 30, 2022 — In the fiscal year of 2021, California’s state debt stood at about 143.73 billion U.S. dollars. By the fiscal year of 2027, this is expected …

By 2027, the estimated debt California will have is 188.00 billion. Don’t all of these irresponsible political leaders/thieves realize that someday they are going to have to pay for their sins and the roof is gonna collapse on each and every one of them, bringing us with them. That day has already arrived.

Folks, get it in your heads the politicians

It is no wonder that the mentality of the demo/socio members is all on the same page. How can anyone view the conditions as they exist in this country and claim that all is well on the western front?? It is fuckin mind-boggling.

20 years ago there had to be an astronomical escape from most of the mental situations around the country, the majority of the escapees immediately joined the Democratic Party when they got out.

I can’t really say that I put the entire blame jacket on the perpetrators for lying like a rug; I have to put 90% of the blame on the idiots that believe them and keep supporting them. The only possible conclusion in an intelligent person can come up with based on all the current circumstances plaguing the country is, the politicians, DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

When the Pyramid Scheme that they are constructing comes crashing down, the thieves in politics and their constituents will be the only ones to profit by it.

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