#Piers must be #reading #The #Goomba #Gazette ….

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan targeted Prince Harry directly in a string of tweets Sunday. “Never seen an unhappier ‘happy man’ in my life. Prince Harry’s a bitter, delusional, paranoid, family-trashing halfwit exposing & exploiting the Royals’ most personal secrets for gazillions whilst wanging on with jaw-dropping hypocrisy about media intrusion. He’s pathetic.”


Being the seasoned veteran he is and I am not; I have to compliment Piers on his choice of adjectives describing P H (pathetic Harry).

My hat is off Piers, his dialog was a lot better than I could come up with. Salute.

Metaphorically speaking, it is pathetic when a man’s wife is cheating on him with everyone in the neighborhood and he is the only one that does not know it.

Wake up Harry; everyone knows your blushing brides game, everyone but you. The worst thing you could have done is turn your back on your family. When push comes to shove, in the long run, they are all you have. Wise up laddy.

Your mother would have been mortified by your behavior.

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