M & M still has his nose wide open ……

Prince Harry’s top 5 ’60 Minutes’ #bombshells

‘Spare’ author discussed #Prince #William #attack, Princess Diana and Camilla the ‘#villain’ with Anderson Cooper

Nose wide open is a slang that some black people use to describe a one sided love situation.


To have someone in love or infatuated with oneself; to be someone’s object of affection.

What will it take for the X-prince to see how this former stripper is bamboozling the hell out of him?? I wonder if he ever heard of the term (for the lack of a better example) #PU$$Y #WHIPPED?? Harry has a very extreme case.

Let us put the cards on the table and tell it like it is. Right wrong or indifferent, the facts still remains. Did starry-eyed Harry really believe that bringing this broad into the royal family with a boxcar of hang-ups/luggage and the a questionable history that was slightly unsavory, really believe the royal family and the world was supposed to accept her with open arms. If that is what he thought, he is a lot more gullible than I expected.

Being that it was her intention to dominate; she was not smart enough to go into the relationship in a more conciliatory manner. She must have been too used to being the dominatrix in her movie roles.

# 1, she is commoner and a low class one at that.

# 2, being multiracial. Regardless of what some of the royals said openly, including the main principal Liz, they did not approve of the arrangement. She always tried to put on the stiff upper lip as a British Queen would.

# 3 coming from somewhat of a seedy background, was a big no-no.

# 4 Her attitude toward the establishment right from the get-go was something to be desired. M M came into that hook up with a chip on her shoulder. She was out to put the burn on Harry and control him right from the beginning. This carpetbagger knew exactly what she was doing, long before she said I do.

I don’t think she knew what a big can of worms she was opening.

And the beat goes on in the Harry and Meghan soap opera, doing anything they have to $tay in the limelight and keep relevant.

Looking at this situation realistically, I can’t entirely blame M M totally for being an opportunist. She saw a door open, she went and has not gotten off the bandwagon since with her quest and her disruption of the royal family, all for the $ake of fame and the big buck$.

What the hell does a man do when he and his wife attend a social function, when many of the blokes slept with her before he did?? Embarrassing.

It still is hard for me to accept that Harry, who had the choice of any female in the world, chose to accept used and damaged goods.

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