And this guy is the #Commander-in-Chief?? #GMAFB

Biden caught on camera apparently mistaking Salvation Army for Secret Service during El Paso trip

Biden tells Salvation Army man that he spent time with the Secret Service while in Ukraine and Poland.

Delusional and mentally disturbed do not even begin to explain this guy. What planet is he on?? I bet he can’t even answer that question.

I am surprised he didn’t recognize the guy by the red kettle he was holding.

Recognize the hand?? It is KJ taking money out of the Kettle instead of putting it in. He got pissed off when his finger got stuck in the slot and had to call one of his Secret Service agents to help him get it out. So, it is true that Vaseline can be used for more than one function.

Secret service, Poland, Ukraine????? AYSM?? The next thing this crack-pot is going to tell us, he used to ride his horse next to George Washington in the Revolutionary War.

That is K J holding the flags. Quite a guy!!! My hero.

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