#WHY #??????????????????????????

This morning I was listening to a news when a reporter asked one of the one of the guards; if he had one question to ask Kamikaze Joe when he made his appearance at the border, what would it be??

The border guard soft-soaped his answer, probably considering the consequences if you really told them what you thought. If I had the same opportunity, my question would be one word, WHY???

Mr. Kamikaze, Why are you fuckin this country up as much as you are and it appears with little to no regret?

In my opinion, he cannot come up with a plausible/logical answer to defend all of the destruction he has created /overwhelmed this country with.

I am going to repost a blog I did about a month ago that pretty much covers how I feel. Kamikaze Joe Biden should be brought up on criminal charges for all of the crimes he’s committed since he’s been in office.

Bring Kamakazi up on criminal charges ….

Published on Dec 18, 2022 at 8:30 AM

Because of his incompetent actions, there have been numerous deaths, thousands of crimes, and illegals subjecting this country to unknown diseases. There should be a way to hold this bum accountable for what he’s done. On top of it, all of his illegal activities have been executed without any sense of remorse or regret. There are no appropriate words derogatory enough to explain this beast.

When reading this post I don’t that there is room for anyone to evaluate/interpret my intentions, they are pretty cut and dry. I would relish the opportunity to talk to that bum of a president face-to-face and not be concerned about any repercussions. unlike the border guard. I would not have to be concerned about my insubordination. The bum deserves every bit of criticism that comes his way.

Everything that he is done so far since he’s been in office was deliberate and without regret. Tell me what other president that would avoid going to the border, the most troubled spot in the country, for two years that he’s been in office.

From what I understand, the trip he is going to make to the border is just gonna be a token (something he knows a lot about) stop over trips after one of his pleasure trips. My sources tell me that he will be headed to California next where they are featuring in his favorite creamery three cream cone for .50$. Gotta keep to spending down folks. Not that he ever pays for anything out of his own pocket.


We can write all day about his diabolical intentions and try to figure out why he was doing what he does,(WHY), but there is only one plausible solution to the question. Kamikaze Joe and the whores he rub’s elbows with are absolutely out to destroy this country and turn it into a social estate.

If there is no justice on this earth for these disgraceful bums and hell does exist, I hope they all have a front row seat next to Lucifer.

Possibly J K figures, the Bogus Communion (all for show and tell) the pope gave him when he was in Italy gave him a clean slate.

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