New meaning to eggs over easy …….

Ex-Waffle House employee recalls fighting ‘extremely drunk’ customer in viral brawl: ‘Adrenaline and instinct’

Waffle House employee recalls the moment she caught a chair that was hurled at her captured in now-viral footage

Are these savages supposed be considered normal human beings?? Not as far as I’m concerned.

Nowadays many families have to be reluctant to kids take their to dinner when some of the restaurants are patronized by thugs like this.

Throwing chairs, climbing on tables and the counter, throwing food, beating up the employees. This is what these fools consider, acceptable normal behavior.

For Halie Booth’s participation in trying to defend herself, she was written up in by the Waffle House for damages to property. GMAFB!!!

Booth said the girls started “hollering” and demanded employees take their orders, and after a while, she told the customers they could leave. However, they chose not to leave, she explained, and instead demanded that she, “the White girl,” cook their food. As the demands continued, the tensions grew with one girl wearing leopard patterned clothing throwing silverware, kicking plates and kicking food, Booth said.

Should we consider this a hate crime?? I would say so being that the disruption was caused by a lot of black people that had a problem with the white establishment. I will give 10 to 1 this criminal actvity will go nowhere.

When Booth tried to get a job at a Waffle House restaurant in a different state two months later, she was told she had been blacklisted from the restaurant chain.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Candy Ass Waffle House gave all of the thugs a years worth of coupons.

So goes to USA.

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