Got to stay relevant …..

Prince Harry tells Anderson Cooper why he’s not stepping out of the limelight

If the red-headed wanna-to-be prince all of a sudden dropped out of the spotlight, he would not be able to continue to lavish his gold-digging bride in the manner that she has become accustomed to.

Like the Chinese guy who owned the cleaners said; no tickie – no laundry. Harry and his blushing-bride do not keep their nose in front of the camera, it won’t be too long before their financial well runs dry.

I may be wrong, I think some are down the line, the X-showgirl is going to throw her Prince Charming under the carriage.

In a very unusual way, I feel a little bit of compassion for Harry that used to be a happy-go-lucky, gregarious guy before he got tied up with what’s her name. The guy looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulder.

I certainly hope that somewhere down the line Harry opens his eyes and sees M & M for exactly what she is. I will be polite and call her an opportunist prospector.


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