I’m sure the guy will not miss any meals …….

Elon Musk has lost a bigger fortune than anyone in history

The CEO of Tesla (TSLA), SpaceX and Twitter is worth $137 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, good enough for second place on the list of the world’s richest behind LVMH (LVMHF) Chairman Bernard Arnault. But at its peak in November 2021, Musk’s net worth was $340 billion.

That makes Musk the first person ever to lose $200 billion in wealth.

The ungodly amounts of money that some people are worth are too much to even fathom. The amount they are worth equates to be more valuable than some county’s entire bank accounts.

At the present time, Arnault topped Musk as the wealthiest person on the planet, is worth 179.2 billion, plus or minus a few billion. But who is counting?

1Bernard Arnault & family$182.4 B▶ $3.2 B | 1.78%73LVMHFrance
2Elon Musk$146.5 B▶ $0M | 0.00%51Tesla, SpaceXUnited States
3Gautam Adani$126.1 B▶ $1.7 B | -1.36%60infrastructure, commoditiesIndia
4Warren Buffett$107.6 B▶ $0.01M | 0.00%92Berkshire HathawayUnited States
5Jeff Bezos$107.3 B $058AmazonUnited States
6Bill Gates$103.3 B▶ $0.34M | 0.00%67MicrosoftUnited States
7Larry Ellison$102.4 B▶ $0M | 0.00%78OracleUnited States
8Mukesh Ambani$90.6 B▶ $927 M | 1.03%65diversifiedIndia
9Carlos Slim Helu & family$81.3 B▶ $61 M | 0.08%82telecomMexico
10Steve Ballmer$78.5 B▶ $0M | 0.00%

If these billionaires would donate only 10% of their wealth, they could wipe out poverty on the entire planet.

It is almost a sacrilege what these guys are worth. I would much rather see them use their wealth to help humanity instead of playing King of the Mountain or I Can Top You. Can we even imagine what a few billion dollars would do to help some of these destitute people around the globe?

If these pictures are not heart-wrenching, I don’t know what is.

YearNumber of people living on less than $5.50 per day, globally (millions)Number of people living on less than $3.20 per day, globally (millions)

I absolutely do not deny anyone becoming as wealthy as they possibly can become; as long as they are generous enough to spread their wealth to the less fortunate.

I do understand the complexity and the difficulty of making sure that funds donated get to the proper source. In many, if not most cases, much of the donated money and supplies never reach their intended recipients. It is stolen by the heads of state and used for their own personal interests. So I do understand the reluctance of some people hesitant to donate.

It is absolutely disgraceful that all parties involved cannot come together and reach an amicable solution to help erase poverty in this world. I know it is mission impossible, but they should at least put forth their best effort.



How could any person that is supposed to be the leader (father) or the head of a country live in opulence while their people are living in squalor?? It is an absolute sacrilege.

I’ve come to realize quite some time ago that there really is no solution to the graft, theft, dishonesty and corruption in this world. It seems to me that evil has one has won out over good. SHAME on the culprits.

Can we even begin to imagine what the 200 billion that Musk lost could do for the betterment of the world?? It is mind-boggling. REALLY; how much does a person need before enough is enough?? Power and ego can be a real BITCH.

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