Just one more #sinner among #thousands …..

Former #Pope #Benedict XVI asks for #forgiveness, thanks God in final published letter …..

I don’t think that Benedict deserves any more #consideration or #forgiveness’ than all of the #pedophile priests he covered up for so many years. Besides all of the crimes, he committed when he was in one of #Hitler’s #Youth #Groups.

Military service (1943–1945) In 1943, when he was 16, Joseph Ratzinger was drafted with many of his classmates into the Luftwaffenhelfer program. They were posted first to Ludwigsfeld, north of Munich, as part of a detachment responsible for guarding a BMW aircraft engine plant.

Just another Benedict Arnold XVI who is one of the thousands of catholic sinners that should ask for forgiveness but not receive any. Being the pope does not cut any ice, as a matter of fact, he should be should be held much more responsible for his indiscretions/silence than the average criminal priest.

American soldier that defected to the British.

Just like the turn-coat solider, Benedict, the German pope had a lot of #skeletons in his closet and was involved in a lot of other #improprieties causing him to have to relinquish his seat as the pope long before his time.

As soon as I saw that transition taking place; I knew all well and good that there was a lot more to meet the eye than what was divulged to the public about Benedicts past.

I definitely do not think that he should receive any special recognition because of his position in the church and because of his criminal activities he was involved in through the years; maintaining his silence to protect pedophile priest.

In my opinion, he is worse than a pedophile. If he and all the other scrum bags that covered up these unholy attacks on young kids would have come forward sooner; there could have been hundreds of thousands of kids that would not have been molested.

Let us give some of the #accolades to people that deserve it, like the military people in all of the countries that have fought and given their lives for freedom. Now that is a worthy cause!!

Sometimes the truth hurts; but what is the sense of telling the story if you’re leaving out the facts??

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