Why bother having a trial …


President Biden on Friday granted full pardons to six individuals who have served their sentences and have since turned their lives around to become valued members of their communities, the White House said.

One possibility I’ve been kicking around is that Kamikaze is looking for the same break somewhere down the line when he stands trial and gets sent up for all of the crimes he’s committed while in politics. The PA boy and his PUNK KID are as guilty as sin.

Since politicians are as slippery/untrustworthy as they come, there is a good possibility that some giant-sized envelopes were passed around to the governors and presidents that prematurely let these criminals free before their sentences were completed.

I have always maintained; why bother having a trial if somewhere down the dirty road of politics, criminals are released before paying their debt to society??

George Washington
John Adams20
Thomas Jefferson119
James Madison196
James Monroe419
John Quincy Adams183
Andrew Jackson386
Martin Van Buren168
William Henry Harrison0
John Tyler209
James K. Polk268
Zachary Taylor38
Millard Fillmore170
Franklin Pierce142
James Buchanan150
Abraham Lincoln343
Andrew Johnson654
Ulysses S. Grant1332
Rutherford B. Hayes893
James A. Garfield0
Chester A. Arthur337
Grover Cleveland1107
Benjamin Harrison613
William McKinley918
Theodore Roosevelt981
William Howard Taft758
Woodrow Wilson2480
Warren G. Harding800
Calvin Coolidge1545
Herbert Hoover1385
Franklin D. Roosevelt3687
Harry S. Truman2044
Dwight D. Eisenhower1157
John F. Kennedy575
Lyndon B. Johnson1187
Richard Nixon926
Gerald Ford409
Jimmy Carter566
Ronald Reagan406
George H. W. Bush77
Bill Clinton459
George W. Bush200
Barack Obama1927
Donald Trump237
Joe Biden3

Some of these people were probably deserving of an early release for various reasons or mistakes made in their trials, but statistics show that almost 70% of the people released early reoffend within a short amount of time. As far as I am concerned, that is a gigantic insult to the families of the victims.

68% of people end back in jail – The Recidivism Rate is 68%


Studies have shown that more than half of prisoners have been incarcerated…

Leaving prison should mean having a fresh start, but for many returning citizens it presents a host of new challenges. Re-entering society can be overwhelming for many reasons, and unfortunately many people end up back in prison. Despite various prison reform initiatives, the rate of recidivism in the United States is still an astonishing 70% within 5 years of release.

Politics, politics, politics; one of the most corrupt applications in the world. They write the laws and they break the laws better than anyone else

With as corrupt as Hunter Biden is, I am surprised he never thought of this game buying early releases for convicts. Or has he?? After HIS GUY in is the top seat.

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