Only one way to deal with a madman …

Kim Jong Un unveils North Korea’s new military goals for 2023

Kim called for a ‘strengthening self-defensive capabilities to be strongly pursued’

Get him before he gets you. When anyone is so unattached to reality, it is impossible to try to get through to them and negotiate. They do not want their slice of the pie, they want the whole thing.

I still say if that is all, if that is all, if that is all this Madman wants is to be acknowledged as a nuclear power, which he definitely is, I would suggest setting some strong conditions here agrees too, then give them what he wants. naturally keeping a tight rein on him. I hope you noticed I emphasized if that is all he wants!! It is virtually impossible to believe a psychopath.

Can we say that Russia is not a nuclear power, even though they are a severe threat to the USA?? Absolutely not. the same applies to North Korea.

If that is all he wants, it is recognition

I really doubt it

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