The end results now .. but it will absolutely get worse……

How would you like to be out with the family having dinner, look out the front window, and witness this display of vulgarity??

These are not isolated conditions that persist in San Francisco, they are on every street corner.

What in the hell has this country regressed to?? It is absolutely sickening, and the powers to be do not have any definitive plans of changing it.

Vaughn Cordle, CFA(Alpha Man) • 1stIonosphere Capital Research

San Francisco Asian Art Museum – December 8, 2022 (video clip). The city is spiraling out of control. Drug use, homelessness, and crime has soared. What was once a great city is now a cesspool of human misery. Liberal progressive policies are at the root of the problems. I once enjoyed visiting the city and museums. It’s now too unsafe to visit. Many US Cities now resemble post-apocalyptic cesspools as America’s decline accelerates. An ever-increasing number of cities are declaring emergencies and begging for federal financial assistance. It will get much worse.

If this is what progressive, socialized government brings to the country, they could jam it where the sun does not shine.

The only reason that conditions have become as dire as they are is because of absolute neglect, incompetence, and control. It sounds almost impossible to imagine, the people of the helm right now want to see conditions exist just like this. This way they can have the upper hand in controlling the population. They do not want to see a change, if they did none of this would exist. They want control and power. What they do not have is the shame and embarrassment that goes along with their inept decision-making.

Just think of the billions of dollars we piss away every day contributing to different countries’ problems but neglect the hell out of ours. Just like everything else this administration has done since Kamikaze Joe has been in office, does this neglect even begin to make sense??

I can’t put the total jacket of blame totally on Kamikaze Joe, this type of incompetence and decision-making has plagued just about every president in the office, only Kamikaze has done it much better!!

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