Biggest backfire in American history ….

5 unlikely US cities that struggled with rising violent crime in 2022

From Anchorage to New Orleans, violent crime has been afflicting cities nationwide

Biggest backfire in American history; if not stopped doing its tracks it will absolutely bring this government down.

Let’s see; Defund the police departments, eliminate cops, no bond required for the majority of crimes allowing the same criminals to re-offend five times in the same day, the cops that are left on the police force can not respond, do not respond and will not respond in a normal fashion under the circumstances. I can’t say I blame them.

The same comparison/scenario can be made to sending our troops into battle with little or no ammunition, the little they do have they are instructed not to shoot or retaliate against the enemy and if the enemy is captured they have to let them go within two hours. By all means, never slap the shit out of them. GMAFB, Who would sign up for that assignment??? No one but a fool.

The F-in airheads that came up with these progressive formulas on how to keep the peace are about as ignorant and off the charts as anybody can be. Now their unconscionable decisions are coming back to bite them and everyone else in this country in the crotch and they do not know what to do.

We haven’t seen much of it yet but we’re getting close. The only way for these imbeciles to smell the napalm is to be in the thick of the shit, that way they can have a better understanding of how their irresponsible laws are affecting the common man.

I normally don’t do this, but, from time to time I do make exceptions to my role. Do I wish these fools any bad luck?? You bet your ass I do

Nonna is fixing a special batch of the Malocchio especially for them.

The King of the BAD/EVIL EYE.

Be very careful of what you wish for.

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