Trump paid no federal income tax in his last year as president

And the beating goes on.

This thought has crossed my mind many times. I can’t help but wonder if Donald Trump has any regrets about running for president?? His head has been on the chopping block ever since he announced he was running for the Top Seat; and as of this day, the pressure is still on him and does not look like it is going to ease up anytime soon.

Like my old friend used to say; right wrong or indifferent the facts will remain he is taking a huge beating physically and mentally. I don’t know how the man can take all that abuse and still keep coming back. He has to have one of the strongest constitutions of everyone I have ever seen.

I have to say that a good portion of his problems were self-inflicted. His own mouth and his ego were and still are his worst enemies. If he would have been a good listener and analyzed his answers before blurting them out, not insulting the shit out of people that didn’t deserve it, he could have saved himself a lot of aggravation, and possibly his return trip for president in 2020.

In essence, he has pissed off a lot of people that will not back off and are determined to see him go down the tubes. He has got himself into a real hornet’s nest and getting stung to death. If he would’ve faced these situations with a little bit of humility, the outcome may have not been as severe as it is.

Years back there was a corrupt politician in Cleveland, Jimmy Demoro that got himself into real jackpot because of theft and office. Wanna Be mobster, high roller. Instead of having a little contrition for his crimes, and humility, he thumbed his nose at the FBI and thought he was gonna beat them down. His favorite phrase was; I didn’t do anything else anyone else hasn’t done. Consequently, because of his arrogance, they really poured the coals to him.

Even in a time of desperation, humility goes a long way, that is if you’re smart enough to realize it.

I would say if Trump does not have any regrets, the guy is Superhuman. It is too bad that he has such character flaws, he could have made a great president. Even with all of his deficits, he did make a huge contribution in many areas.

I tried to tell the guy but he would not listen to me.

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